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Scattery Island – A Unique Cultural Heritage Experience

Temple Gate Hotel Ennis is located within 40 minutes of Scattery Island Tours which is located in Kilrush, Co. Clare

Located just off Kilrush in Co. Clare, and recently awarded The European Destination of Excellence for 2017 (EDEN), Scattery Island has a wealth of historic sites, including five Churches, a Cathedral, a magnificent Round Tower, Napoleonic War Artillery Battery and a working Lighthouse. Today the island is completely uninhabited and visitors can explore its ancient historic sites and experience its unspoilt natural beauty in peace and tranquillity. Scattery is an ideal location for anyone interested in Ireland’s rich history. On arrival to the island, Visitors will enjoy a guided walking tour around the monastic sites and listen to the fascinating story of the island that begins with St. Senan, who established a monastery there in the 5th Century. The story continues with the Viking invasion and Brian Boru, the High King of Ireland who defeated the Limerick Vikings in a great battle on Scattery, the arrival of the Spanish Armada, right up to the last of the islanders who lived on Scattery up to 1976. You will visit Scatterys round tower that is believed to predate Clonmacnoise, St. Senan’s grave and the islands well, which is said to have special healing powers.

Currently ranked at #2 on Trip Advisors Top Things to do in Co. Clare (as at Jan 2019), Scattery leaves a lasting impression with visitors. It is as if the land and the buildings are talking to you – a silent speech, about its life and times and the great people who lived, loved, played and died there during a history that spans from the 5th to the 20th century. Tours to Scattery Island depart from Kilrush Marina or Cappa Village. The sailing is just a short 15 minutes in the sheltered waters of the Shannon River. Guests have the option of 2.5 hours or 1 hours on the island.

Included in your package
Ferry service

One hour guided walking tour around the monastic sites (5 Churches, Cathedral, Round Tower, St. Senans Well & St. Senan’s Burial

Ground (Island Visit & Great Island Experience Packages)

Free walking map with information on each of the sites (Normally €2)

Free access to the Exhibition Centre on the island (Island Visit & Great Island Escape Packages)

Audio Guide of the Monastic Tour available in German, French, Italian or Spanish (€3)

Guided Audio Tour of the Napoleonic Artillery Battery & Lighthouse (Great Island Escape only)

Additional Services Available

Toilet facilities on the ferry & on the island

Water dispenser on the island

Tea/Coffee Service available onboard

Packed Lunch available (Must be prebooked)

Contact Details

Irene Hamilton – Director

Tel: 085 250 5512 or 086 223 6995 email:

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